What Is Website Free Internet Marketing

Have you ever thought it would be nice to make money on the internet, but you do not have a website? In this article were going to talk about website free Internet marketing and how you can make money without having one of your own.

The quickest way to make money without a website of your own is to become an affiliate marketer. Being affiliate just means that you are going to sell other people’s products and get paid for your efforts. You can do this by using the website that the affiliate merchant provides to you for free.

So now we see that you do not have a website of your own but are using someone else’s how you make money? The way you do that is by driving traffic to your affiliate website and letting the site convert some of that into a commission for yourself.

One way that is very effective is to do e-mail marketing. In this instance what you would do is get an auto responder with a quality company such as Aweber or GetResponse. You would fill it with a series of follow-up messages that include your affiliate link to the website given to you.

Then what you would do is buy opt in subscribers from various lead companies. You let the lead company fill your autoresponder and then let the messages do the selling for you. This is a very hands-off approach because you do not have to build your own website, you do not have to follow up with anyone personally, and whenever a sale is made you earn a commission.

One real benefit to this method is you are building a list of your own that you can follow up with to sell other products. Many times back in sales are excellent ways to make money as an Internet marketer. Although you are following up with your customer initially for one affiliate product, you can always come back and offer them another and make more money.

One of the things you want to do is market your affiliate website in various other forms. These can include off-line promotions such as flyers, or classified ads in newspapers. They can also include online promotions such as article marketing, forum marketing, online classified ads, e-zine advertising, banner advertising, and so on.

The important thing in website free Internet marketing is that you put your emphasis on promotion and traffic. Although you are not building a website of your own you are still promoting an affiliate marketer website, or your auto responder address, so many of the same Internet marketing rules will still apply.

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