How To Understand The Difference Between Features & Benefits In Internet Marketing

Becoming an internet marketing genius or guru involves understanding how the features of a product or service differ from the benefits of a product or service. As an Internet Marketing Consultant & Trainer I’ve found it helpful to use a simple example used by other advertising teachers to give clarity about this subject.

Most of my clients & students “get it” when this example is used.

Advertising teachers like to use the example of a No. 2 pencil to illustrate this important principle.

A pencil has certain features:

=> It is made of wood.

=> It has a specific diameter.

=> It contains a lead-composite filler of a certain type.

=> It usually has an eraser at the end.

These features describe the objective qualities of the pencil. So if buying were a rational process, selling would be a matter of identifying the features of your product in online marketing.

But we already know from one of my earlier articles that buying is an emotional process.

And that means you must express the features of your product in some way that will stimulate desire. You do that by converting features into benefits.

For example, the features listed above might be converted into the following benefits:

=> Easy to sharpen.

=> Comfortable to hold.

=> Creates an impressive line.

=> Makes correcting easy.

Of course, this is only the tip of the beneficial iceberg. I’ve conducted workshops & trainings on features and benefits using a No. 2 pencil that have resulted in the identification of more than 200 benefits.
Mastering the skill of converting features to benefits is essential for every future internet marketing genius.

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