What Is Website Free Internet Marketing

Have you ever thought it would be nice to make money on the internet, but you do not have a website? In this article were going to talk about website free Internet marketing and how you can make money without having one of your own.

The quickest way to make money without a website of your own is to become an affiliate marketer. Being affiliate just means that you are going to sell other people’s products and get paid for your efforts. You can do this by using the website that the affiliate merchant provides to you for free.

So now we see that you do not have a website of your own but are using someone else’s how you make money? The way you do that is by driving traffic to your affiliate website and letting the site convert some of that into a commission for yourself.

One way that is very effective is to do e-mail marketing. In this instance what you would do is get an auto responder with a quality company such as Aweber or GetResponse. You would fill it with a series of follow-up messages that include your affiliate link to the website given to you.

Then what you would do is buy opt in subscribers from various lead companies. You let the lead company fill your autoresponder and then let the messages do the selling for you. This is a very hands-off approach because you do not have to build your own website, you do not have to follow up with anyone personally, and whenever a sale is made you earn a commission.

One real benefit to this method is you are building a list of your own that you can follow up with to sell other products. Many times back in sales are excellent ways to make money as an Internet marketer. Although you are following up with your customer initially for one affiliate product, you can always come back and offer them another and make more money.

One of the things you want to do is market your affiliate website in various other forms. These can include off-line promotions such as flyers, or classified ads in newspapers. They can also include online promotions such as article marketing, forum marketing, online classified ads, e-zine advertising, banner advertising, and so on.

The important thing in website free Internet marketing is that you put your emphasis on promotion and traffic. Although you are not building a website of your own you are still promoting an affiliate marketer website, or your auto responder address, so many of the same Internet marketing rules will still apply.

Clickbank: Unraveling A Pot Of Gold For Beginner Affiliates

It’s no secrets that the clickbank affiliate network is beginner friendly. Starting an online business can be very challenging and you want to take the easiest route. With time, you will be able to choose whatever suits you best.

Whenever you start something new, affiliate marketing or anything else, you should start slowly. When I started affiliate marketing I found clickbank because it’s really easy to start.

1. Easy

Compared to commission junction, shareasale and other networks, clickbank is a walk in the park. You can sign up and get your affiliate links in less than 10 minutes.

Getting your affiliate link is really easy.

2. Proven track

They pay every two weeks. There are thousands of vendors and affiliate selling or promoting products and all of them are paid on time for years.

3. Tracking

They recently added a new ‘tid’ tracking feature, and like all their other tools, all it takes is one click to get your tracking ID. Plus the new reporting feature is excellent. Your click thru and conversion rates are automatically calculated for you.

4. Support

Their support is excellent as well. They answer very fast to emails. Whether you are an affiliate or a vendor, the support you get from them is really encouraging if you are just getting started.

5. Guarantee

All the products listed in the clickbank marketplace are backed up by a 56 days guarantee. This is good for you because you make more sales as a result. Plus there are countless tools and softwares (created by third party individuals) that allow affiliate to browse the marketplace and find products to promote.

Phone Follow Up – The Key To Home Business Success

When conducting an online business from home, the importance of follow up phone calls to prospects that have opted into your system cannot be over emphasized. If you have been seriously looking for an opportunity yourself, I know you have gotten the opposite impression from the vast array of businesses advertised online. Most succeed in upholding the illusion that working from home online requires little or no effort at all. And, on top of that, several promise that you can become a millionaire within weeks! Many of these ads literally include sentences, such as the following; “You don’t like sales? No problem ? you don’t have to talk with anyone!” and “This opportunity is totally turn-key!”

Well, let me dispel this myth. In most cases this is just not true. If you?re asking a stranger for start-up fees in excess of $100, you need to pick up the phone and reach out to your “opt-ins” (those who have submitted personal contact information while requesting more details about your opportunity). You can imagine that this is even truer with opportunities that exceed $500, $1,000 or more. Even if you are not successful in reaching your prospect and end up leaving a message ? they need to hear a live voice (not a recording) and have the option to talk with you. This helps them know that you and your opportunity are real, and will enhance your chances of romancing the potential business partner into your enterprise exponentially.

Think about it ? would you hand over your hard earned cash to a flashy webpage (created by someone you?ve never met) just because it promises that an “expert” will help you make the big bucks? I wouldn?t. I?m not saying that it never happens, but for 99 percent of the business seekers out there, you need to talk with them first?and usually more than once. Everyone wants to be valued and business opportunity prospects are no different.

And there are other reasons too. Most people who are seriously looking for a home business look at 20-50 websites! Yes, your page might look enticing while they’re still on it, but trust me, there are thousands and thousands of websites that are equally alluring. In fact, opportunity seekers visit so many sites that later they often can’t even find the one they were most impressed with! Just the sixty second effort of a phone follow up with each prospect elevates your opportunity from the shuffled mess and moves it to the top of the heap in their mind…which, after all, is where the sale is made.

Many opportunities claim to do the selling or the “closing” for you. Be sure to ask what this really means. Usually, this promise is far short of true closing. It normally means that your prospects can attend regularly scheduled conference calls or webinars with top earners in online “rooms” of 100 ? 500 prospects. These “closers” spend 30 to 60 minutes pitching the business to a large group ? which is a far cry from a private conversation. Again, these “sizzle calls” can be very powerful, but they do not alleviate the need for an individual follow up. Sales are normally closed with one-on-one discussions that address the individual’s dreams, fears and concerns. Most people are not going to share their deepest objections on a conference call. Besides, even if a fancy talker in a large group can close your prospects, you still have to contact them to deliver call details and invite them to attend (so the promise of not needing to make any phone calls is still not completely honest).

A few home businesses offer optional turn-key follow up and closing services, such as a call center available to some EDC Gold and EDC Diamond distributors. These rooms of professional telemarketers are well versed in the details of the companies they pitch, and contact individuals multiple times until they receive a clear decision by the prospects.

Having worked full time in a home business for some time now, I can definitely tell you that follow up phone calls have been essential to my success. And I am certain they will be to yours as well. Bottom line ? phone follow up calls will triple your sales results!

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How Can One Providie A Service On The Internet Working From Home?

Outsourcing is a popular term that you hear almost everywhere today. So if you have a skill, or are willing to learn one, people will pay you to do things for them that they do not have time to do. Almost anyone can work from home providing a service on the Internet.

Perhaps you can consider a specific example where you can work from home as a blog.

Did you know that there is a new blog started every second somewhere in the world? This may seem like an incredible number but it makes sense in reality.

Blogs are replacing websites as the chosen way for people to start online. They can be used to make money or they can be used for social reasons as well.

One thing does remain constant regardless of how the owner chooses to use them. Blogs need content to be effective and the owners have a difficult time keeping up with them.

For example, many people who also have full-time jobs will find it difficult to consistently write blog articles while they try to make money online with a blog. This is a very quick way for you to start a home business and make money targeting a market where there is a never ending supply of prospects.

It is not rocket science to write blog articles. When you write blog articles you will need to practice good search engine optimization techniques. You also need to make it entertaining and useful to the reader.

Many blog writers choose to write controversial content and this brings back readers to their blog. You will quickly be in demand and can command a good price for the articles that you write if you can write this type of content.

Finding customers for your blog writing business is not hard to do either. One way to meet people and offer your services in a passive way is social networking. You can do this in discussion forums where you create a signature file that links back to a page describing the writing you offer.

You can also do this through social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, My Space, and many more. So they can order from you initially people will need to be able to find you.

You will find repeat business keeps you busy and word-of-mouth bring in new customers as well, after you get through that startup phase. This cam add up to be a quick way to work from home as a blog writer on the Internet.