The Great & All Powerful Magnetic Sponsoring Review

There are secret ways to magnetize Internet leads, but you have to know where to get on your way. I am confident you have come across Mike Dillard’s 7-day bootcamp series. Have you glanced at a further Magnetic Sponsoring review that clearly did not deliver? Well, you are going to make your money’s worth with this one. I review the foremost book topics, the doctrine, and the tactics that Mike Dillard refers to. Time to tackle Mike Dillard’s views in this Magnetic Sponsoring review.

So, is it a book or a system? And the answer is… both. Mike Dillard wrote the book to fulfil as an introduction into the Magnetic Sponsoring system. We will review the book initially. Then we will tackle the system.

Let us set out with an overview scanning the 10 chapters of the book. They cover in sequence: 1) Psychology of Attraction 2) Insight on Personal development 3) Marketing

If you do not identify what attraction marketing is, or you are new to the notion, the Magnetic Sponsoring book will give you a pin-point account, targeting in on the relationship origins of leaders (Alphas) and followers (Betas). – the foundation for Attraction marketing principles.

Mike conveys attraction as a survival instinct and not a choice. On a basic level attractiveness creates symbiotic relationships. A leader has the worth of safety and guidance to the group in exchange for the group following the leader. hence the theory argues that as a leader amplifies his usefulness, more and more followers will search for him.
Suffice to say, if you desire to be a leader, you ought to continuously up your own merit and skill to others so that they will follow you.

Mike will claim that people do not join a business. Folks join YOU. They are exploring remedies to their tribulations, which turn out to be the same two across the board for nearly all network marketers: lack of leads and lack of cash flow before the oh-so-sought after residual revenue kicks in. Therefore, Mike trumpets that the network marketer ought to be promoting a “how to” marketing system to new distributors, and after that let the system promote the company products. Numerous network marketing businesses tutor their distributors differently, and many old-school marketers that have constructed their business with traditional ways will challenge this.

A further highlight of the Magnetic Sponsoring book is the chapter how to build a bona fide MLM franchise. We see how the three-part business model works with the 5 franchise factors to create leads and money for the network marketer. The franchise idea integrates the funded proposal idea and newsletter in order to breed regular cash flow and leadership branding. Simply speaking, a network marketer promotes a problem-solving system for others. It positions him as leader. And it earns cash flow.

Reading on it seems the book is chock full of priceless tips, from setting up email campaigns to producing money through affiliate programs. I have seen many marketers adopt it as their industry bible.

In the last chapter Mike calls the reader to participate and experience the system he has created surrounding the principles he talks about with membership automatically included in the purchase price of the book. Reviewing the Magnetic Sponsoring system will disclose physical evidence of his attraction marketing principles in effect. It is definitely worth taking a glance at, if not just to get a translucent sense of how a funded proposal works. But be forewarned. Participating in his Magnetic Sponsoring system will not develop your own leads list. All through the book, Mike alludes to building a record of followers, but never candidly says that you want to build YOUR OWN list. His system will build his list, not yours.

… But even so, the principles remain the same. And do not lose sleep. There are other systems that do build your own list. (Just look at the one I use).

So the question remains… Will the strategies in Magnetic Sponsoring work in your business? Well, let us just say that these attraction principles are practiced effectively in every business outside of the mlm industry. If you look at any leader within the mlm industry, you will see that they have used them extensively. Just look at the MLM empire Mike Dillard has created for himself. And a an increasing number of his students are doing the same. As written in the intro of the book, this “will ABSOLUTELY change your life IF you put it to use.”

How To Understand The Difference Between Features & Benefits In Internet Marketing

Becoming an internet marketing genius or guru involves understanding how the features of a product or service differ from the benefits of a product or service. As an Internet Marketing Consultant & Trainer I’ve found it helpful to use a simple example used by other advertising teachers to give clarity about this subject.

Most of my clients & students “get it” when this example is used.

Advertising teachers like to use the example of a No. 2 pencil to illustrate this important principle.

A pencil has certain features:

=> It is made of wood.

=> It has a specific diameter.

=> It contains a lead-composite filler of a certain type.

=> It usually has an eraser at the end.

These features describe the objective qualities of the pencil. So if buying were a rational process, selling would be a matter of identifying the features of your product in online marketing.

But we already know from one of my earlier articles that buying is an emotional process.

And that means you must express the features of your product in some way that will stimulate desire. You do that by converting features into benefits.

For example, the features listed above might be converted into the following benefits:

=> Easy to sharpen.

=> Comfortable to hold.

=> Creates an impressive line.

=> Makes correcting easy.

Of course, this is only the tip of the beneficial iceberg. I’ve conducted workshops & trainings on features and benefits using a No. 2 pencil that have resulted in the identification of more than 200 benefits.
Mastering the skill of converting features to benefits is essential for every future internet marketing genius.

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Why Joint Venture Partners Don’t Promote Your Product

You spend months creating a product, designing a website, and having copy written and tested. You spend countless hours schmoozing joint venture partners. Then your launch day comes, you “push the button” and…

The silence from lack of orders is deafening.

What went wrong?

Where are all those customers that you knew your 300 joint venture partners would send you?

Chances are, 95% of those joint ventures partners didn’t promote, or didn’t promote to the extent that you anticipated.

Let’s look briefly at why the sad sequence of events described above happens all too often. Here are four common reasons:

1) Your JV Partners Promised To Promote Too Many Products

If you are approaching all of the biggest players in your niche, and if there are a lot of product launches happening in your niche, your JV partners may have simply over-promised.

It’s not uncommon for may super-affiliates to be approached with joint venture offers dozens of times per week. Some are so bombarded with repeated request from the same people that they often find it easier to give a “tentative yes.”

The problem is that if it’s your launch, you may not know that it’s a tentative yes.

The way to avoid this problem is to ask for a definite commitment. Just be frank and ask your joint venture partners “if you can depend upon them?”

Another way to avoid this problem is to seek joint venture partners that aren’t bombarded with constant joint venture requests. There are many times more less-visible potential joint venture partners who have very responsive lists, than there are overwhelmed “super affiliates.”

A good place to have some of these potential joint venture partners actually FIND YOU is The International Association of Joint Venture Brokers. Just get your projects and launches into their database, and JV partners in your niche will find you!

2) Your Sign-up Process Is Too Convoluted

It’s unbelievable how complex many people make the process of just registering as a joint venture partner and getting an affiliate link.

Don’t make your potential joint venture partners register at three different places JUST so that they can help you with your launch. If you do… they’ll say yes initially, but drop out when they see how many hurdles they have to jump.

3) You Don’t Provide The Right Tools

Most successful affiliate marketers have favorite tools that they prefer using. For some it’s videos, for others it’s rebrandable ebooks, for others it’s articles that they can change the urls in, and for others it’s pay-per-clicks.

You absolutely must provide the tools that your affiliates prefer using. Don’t expect them to change how they market to conform to your launch plans. They usually know from experience what works best with their customers.

You also need to provide some tools that allow a “soft sell” rather than high pressure tactics. Some affiliates will not use high pressure tactics on their subscribers. For affiliates like that, tools such as rebrandable ebooks (that actually teach something) which sell your product as a solution to problems mentioned in the ebook, work MUCH better. Use rebrander software such as Viral Document Toolkit to allow your affiliate to rebrand links, and even text in these ebooks.

4) Your Timing Is Incredibly Poor

If you are in a niche where there are hundreds of new product launches each month, such as Internet marketing, then your timing is critical!

If your launch coincides with another MAJOR big ticket launch, your launch may simply be drowned out by all of the “noise” made by those promoting the other product. Your list members may be bombarded by some much email for the other product that they don’t even SEE yours.

To avoid this, you need to consult launch calendars, such as the one available through The International Association of Joint Venture Brokers. Savvy product owners make sure that THEIR product launches, events, and even free giveaways are in this database.

Those planning product launches who don’t want BIG disappointments consult this database to see what else is planned for the days, or weeks that they plan to do their launch.

Consulting a database such as one provided by IAJVB also uncovers another opportunity. When you see other launches in your niche, you are also looking at events where you can piggy-back or dove-tail your launches.

Instead of competing head-to-head with product launches in your niche, why not contact some of the other product owners and propose working together. Use their product as a backend to your product and ask them to do the same. Maybe ask them to offer your product to their exit traffic that doesn’t convert.

There are dozens of ways that you can work WITH others in your niche when you know what they have planned, and you’ll get much better results.

Another major thing that you’ll accomplish is that you’ll get more affiliate who actually promote your product. That’s because you won’t be forcing affiliates to choose between competing launches… instead you can coordinate for them to promote both launches… sometimes even with one email 🙂

You put far too much blood, sweat, and tears into your product launch to allow it to hit a brick wall. Go back and read the common reason that joint venture partners DON’T promote launches… even after they’ve indicated that they will. Eliminate as many of those reasons from your product launch sequence as possible.

Doing a successful product launch with dozens, or even hundreds, of joint venture partners is not rocket science. However, like any “science” it does involve careful observation of what is actually happening, and responding appropriately. Now you know how to respond to the reasons joint venture partners often don’t promote.

3 Mistakes People Make When Using Free Article Content

Although this can sometimes be the only option for those who are running on a non-existent budget, it’s not a method that will effectively build your website or revenue. Short ? term Maybe; long-term No. There are a three major reasons why this may be harmful to your new business building efforts.

Problem #1 – Search Engines

Search engines will penalize your site if it has the exact same duplicated content than other sites. The more sites that share your content, the less it will help you achieve good search engine rankings ? if fact, the more sites there are that contain the same content ? the more it will HURT your rankings.

Good search engine rankings are essential to getting visitors to your site so that they have a chance to click on your affiliate links. If you cannot even get visitors, then will never make an revenue. Like a Catch 22, ey? Your whole point in creating a web site to attract visitors should be original content as that is what Google, Yahoo and the others are looking for ? and RANK for. Working on the search engine optimization of your site so that you will eventually be high enough in the results to get customers, should be priority one.

Problem #2 – Getting visitors to click

Although getting your site high on search engine result pages and acquiring site visitors is hard work, unfortunately this is only half of the battle. You also have to be able to convince those visitors to click on your affiliate links! If all your visitors see is the same content they saw on their last search ? going to a different site, they will be much less likely to click on your links. Most people want to buy things that are recommended by people that they trust or people that they feel are an expert on the subject material (or product).

If your content is just a duplication of other sites, you will be tagged as someone who doesn’t really know what they’re talking about and therefore will not look as kindly on your product recommendations. This will reduce the number of website visitors who will be willing to click through.

Problem #3 – Author Bylines

Most free content is only given to you if you agree to place the authors byline under the article (you can get into trouble if you try to use it without following the stipulated rules). This poses a problem because most author bylines include links. When a reader gets done reading a really intriguing article, there is a strong possibility that they will click on the author?s byline link rather than your affiliate links. This is the entire reason why these authors offer free content to begin with, so that they may get their name and links out there to the public. Using this type of content may mean shooting yourself in the foot and losing possible (and profitable) visitors.

Once you put these three problems together, you are looking at a serious decline in revenue simply because you used free website content from article directories. Although it may be the only option for some, if you have the funds to buy (or the knowledge to create) your own original content, then you should definitely go this route.

If you don?t have the finds, however, you will still be better off writing your own content and then hiring professional services once you have made a profit to work with.

If you do still decide to use free content, think carefully and choose the articles you publish on your site carefully. There are thousands ? millions ? of great articles out there that you can use as long as you are careful.

One Week Marketing, written by Pot Pie Girl, can show you how to avoid these and many other common mistakes that new internet marketers make.

Financial Benefits Of Blog Marketing

The Internet is an important component when it comes to advertising and promoting businesses. Content management and blog marketing are important aspects when it comes to updating your website. Keeping it clear and relevant is one-step further towards success.

The utility of a web site or a web blog is identifiable in the number of people that have accessed it. What they may find on a site or blog may help them and please them at the same time. Nevertheless, another very important factor in this entire process comes in the form of the immediate applicability of the information found on the Internet. This is why content management is very important.

You need to know what is most necessary to users and why. In order to maintain a certain number of visitors or to increase it constantly, you must be aware of the multiple benefits offered by services such as blog marketing and content management. Blog marketing is, as it may seem, a more recent field of activity that centers on making a blog more attractive and up-to-date. Blog marketing is about ?selling? a blog, outlining its high points and keeping its aspect flawless.

Not only the colorful layouts and original prints are significant. The text is also important. As a website or blog owner, you must consider the moneymaking opportunities that occur. A well-structured text is the key to a more profitable business. Content management is all about these issues. Professionals will post articles and texts that include the keywords on which your blog or website is based.

This will help users find your blog or website easier and quicker. For you, this is most of all a financial benefit. You may obtain money from major Internet search engines and their affiliate programs and sites. The main idea is that content management is a great way to improve your business. It will all be very clear to you after you have tried blog marketing too. These services exist specifically to help you obtain the most of your investment.

In order to have a clear view on your investments, you must envisage your website or blog in their quality of products that you need to make popular and sell. Blog marketing is one of the services that can help you do that. Moreover, it can provide the necessary assistance that can help you stand out in the competitiveness of the World Wide Web. There are packages of services that are easily adaptable to what you own.

Lack of time may lead to neglecting your web site or blog. Content management programs are present purposely to get these worries of your mind. The fees you must pay for these services are very low, when compared to the financial benefits you will obtain. Initially, you can choose a package that is less costly, but most of those that have done so have decided to choose a more comprehensive package after observing the impact. Blog marketing and content management are online services that specialists have developed based on the needs of website and blog owners all over the world.

Web 2.0 ? What Is It And Different Methods To Tap Its Full Potential

The manner in which world wide web has grown in the last half decade, it has made it essential for all internet businesses to adapt and organise themselves all over again in order to continue offering value to their customers and earn decent income on internet. This brings to mind the term web 2.0. You have to be existing in pre-medieval time if the hullabaloo enveloping web 2.0 hasn’t reached you till now! I get perplexed tremendously when I meet entrepreneurs who have their business organisations on the world wide web and are yet to discover the power of web 2.0.

The best strategy to utilize the possibilities of web 2.0 is to imitate the smart entrepreneurs in your domain who’re already utilizing its potential to the best. Furthermore, you will attract tremendous profits if you master the strategy of linking many web 2.0 sites in a methodical manner. To tell the truth, this is precisely what the notable internet gurus do in order to get large-scale traffic to their web sites.

To keep points in perspective, let us throw some light on the term web 2.0. Some time ago Tim OReilly (a famous person on world wide web) happened to be talking of the way world wide web has evolved recently. He coined the term web 2.0 to refer to the quickly changing internet, assuming the earlier ways of managing tasks on the web to be web 1.0. From the internet business’ view, web 2.0 users are far more responsive to web products/services in comparison to the earlier ways of marketing on the web. Web 2.0 basically constitutes of a set of tools that enable people to share information, build social/business associations and execute project collaborations online. Good examples of web 2.0 sites are the modern-day social-networking websites, wikis, virtual worlds, blogs and new age internet communities/forums such as myspace, second life, facebook, linkedin, orkut, wikipedia etc. The primary differences between the old and novel ways of doing things on the internet lie in the following points:

Visitors are now able to interact in a more personalised way and freely on internet sites if compared to old times. Web 2.0 websites have the fabulous ability to gather user feedbacks right away, thus making it an amazing tool for business organisations to take preventive and critical measures to enhance the rate of conversion.

The community feeling is much more different and worth the time in a web 2.0 platform.

Web businesses no more have to be worried about getting well-ranked on search engines as they are able to introduce their sites to the prospects in a much more effective way.

To end, web 2.0 is the new age internet. Not adapting to it and not tapping into its potential can be termed as suicidal for any online commercial enterprise serious about its future.

Internet Marketing Jargon Busted ? Part 1

By Lama Kalla ? 2006

So you are starting out in Internet Marketing and are baffled by the jargon. You don?t know your SMTP from your FTP or where to put your POP3.

Internet Marketing has all sorts of jargon associated with it that confuses many new and veteran marketers. So how do you decipher this jargon and translate it into a language you can understand?

This article will help you to understand some of the common terms in Internet Marketing. And now some Jargon beginning with A …

Ad Tracking

Ad tracking is simply the process of tracking the response from your ads. Why? Because you need to know where your traffic is coming from and how it is converting. This is particularly important if you are paying for adverts ? you need to know which adverts are bringing you in business so you can keep them running whilst stopping the adverts that are not bringing in business.

How do you track your adverts? Well you could try and do it manually, but it is likely to be so time consuming that it will be a complete nightmare. The alternative is to use some ad tracking software. There are lots of scripts and utilities available for this. Using software will make it easier for you to determine which adverts are bringing you traffic and where to spend your advertising budget for maximum effect.


Affiliates is a big thing in Internet Marketing and it can be a bit difficult to understand it at first. There are really two terms here ? Affiliate Manager and Affiliate. An Affiliate Manager is someone who runs an Affiliate Program and recruits Affiliates ? you following me?

Everyone knows what McDonalds is ? a restaurant, no ethical or nutritional debates here ? it?s basically a big franchise. Mr McDonald sits in his ivory tower counting his money whilst Joe Bloggs runs a McDonalds restaurant.

Mr McDonald is the Affiliate Manager ? he owns the franchise and sells rights to other people (the Affiliates) to run a restaurant. In order for them to do this he gives them resources such as training, knowledge, equipment and so on.

As an affiliate, you can expect your affiliate manager to give you useful tools you can use to sell his product.


An autoresponder does exactly what it says on the tin ? it responds automatically! To what you may ask ? to email! This is how those crafty Internet Marketers fill up your inbox whilst sitting on the beach drinking cocktails!

An autoresponder allows you to set up a series of messages to be delivered to a recipient over a time period determined by you. It is a fantastic tool and one you should definitely invest in ? remember, you are in Internet Marketing to make money and to have more time ? an autoresponder will save you lots of time.

These are just a few of the many definitions and the useful links and information you will find in Lama Kalla?s Internet Marketing Jargon Buster. You can download your copy free from