Tips For Viral Link Marketing

Viral marketing on the internet is basically a word-of-mouth campaign that spreads and multiplies on the web as a virus would in people. When successful these marketing campaigns will multiply quickly, unleashing traffic to your site and increasing your sites online presence.

Here are a few tips on how to unleash a successful campaign.

The first way is by authoring articles and submitting them to online article directories. An effective way of acquiring links with free publicity. The articles should be interesting and related to your websites niche. Submit them with a link back to your website in the resource box.

Your articles can serve as a pre-sell to targeted visitors. Well written and informative articles can generate a good amount of traffic to your website that is targeted to the content or product you provide.

To make your marketing more effective you should target you traffic. Focus your information on the niche content supplied by your website. You need a campaign to capture the interest of your niche market. Make them want to visit. Join a related blog or forum on the topic.

Social book marking is your chance to make it big and get your website seen by millions. Write an article that is hot with a unique spin on a current topic or make a video that captures people’s attention. Post the content on your website and submit it to Digg. You will know if it was good based on how many people Digg your content. If it makes it to the front page it could be seen by millions and drive that traffic to your website to view the content.

These viral techniques can help bring targeted traffic to your website and increase your backlinks at the same time. All it takes is a little time and creativity.

Web 2.0 ? What Is It And Different Methods To Tap Its Full Potential

The manner in which world wide web has grown in the last half decade, it has made it essential for all internet businesses to adapt and organise themselves all over again in order to continue offering value to their customers and earn decent income on internet. This brings to mind the term web 2.0. You have to be existing in pre-medieval time if the hullabaloo enveloping web 2.0 hasn’t reached you till now! I get perplexed tremendously when I meet entrepreneurs who have their business organisations on the world wide web and are yet to discover the power of web 2.0.

The best strategy to utilize the possibilities of web 2.0 is to imitate the smart entrepreneurs in your domain who’re already utilizing its potential to the best. Furthermore, you will attract tremendous profits if you master the strategy of linking many web 2.0 sites in a methodical manner. To tell the truth, this is precisely what the notable internet gurus do in order to get large-scale traffic to their web sites.

To keep points in perspective, let us throw some light on the term web 2.0. Some time ago Tim OReilly (a famous person on world wide web) happened to be talking of the way world wide web has evolved recently. He coined the term web 2.0 to refer to the quickly changing internet, assuming the earlier ways of managing tasks on the web to be web 1.0. From the internet business’ view, web 2.0 users are far more responsive to web products/services in comparison to the earlier ways of marketing on the web. Web 2.0 basically constitutes of a set of tools that enable people to share information, build social/business associations and execute project collaborations online. Good examples of web 2.0 sites are the modern-day social-networking websites, wikis, virtual worlds, blogs and new age internet communities/forums such as myspace, second life, facebook, linkedin, orkut, wikipedia etc. The primary differences between the old and novel ways of doing things on the internet lie in the following points:

Visitors are now able to interact in a more personalised way and freely on internet sites if compared to old times. Web 2.0 websites have the fabulous ability to gather user feedbacks right away, thus making it an amazing tool for business organisations to take preventive and critical measures to enhance the rate of conversion.

The community feeling is much more different and worth the time in a web 2.0 platform.

Web businesses no more have to be worried about getting well-ranked on search engines as they are able to introduce their sites to the prospects in a much more effective way.

To end, web 2.0 is the new age internet. Not adapting to it and not tapping into its potential can be termed as suicidal for any online commercial enterprise serious about its future.

How Can One Providie A Service On The Internet Working From Home?

Outsourcing is a popular term that you hear almost everywhere today. So if you have a skill, or are willing to learn one, people will pay you to do things for them that they do not have time to do. Almost anyone can work from home providing a service on the Internet.

Perhaps you can consider a specific example where you can work from home as a blog.

Did you know that there is a new blog started every second somewhere in the world? This may seem like an incredible number but it makes sense in reality.

Blogs are replacing websites as the chosen way for people to start online. They can be used to make money or they can be used for social reasons as well.

One thing does remain constant regardless of how the owner chooses to use them. Blogs need content to be effective and the owners have a difficult time keeping up with them.

For example, many people who also have full-time jobs will find it difficult to consistently write blog articles while they try to make money online with a blog. This is a very quick way for you to start a home business and make money targeting a market where there is a never ending supply of prospects.

It is not rocket science to write blog articles. When you write blog articles you will need to practice good search engine optimization techniques. You also need to make it entertaining and useful to the reader.

Many blog writers choose to write controversial content and this brings back readers to their blog. You will quickly be in demand and can command a good price for the articles that you write if you can write this type of content.

Finding customers for your blog writing business is not hard to do either. One way to meet people and offer your services in a passive way is social networking. You can do this in discussion forums where you create a signature file that links back to a page describing the writing you offer.

You can also do this through social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, My Space, and many more. So they can order from you initially people will need to be able to find you.

You will find repeat business keeps you busy and word-of-mouth bring in new customers as well, after you get through that startup phase. This cam add up to be a quick way to work from home as a blog writer on the Internet.

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Internet Marketing Jargon Busted ? Part 1

By Lama Kalla ? 2006

So you are starting out in Internet Marketing and are baffled by the jargon. You don?t know your SMTP from your FTP or where to put your POP3.

Internet Marketing has all sorts of jargon associated with it that confuses many new and veteran marketers. So how do you decipher this jargon and translate it into a language you can understand?

This article will help you to understand some of the common terms in Internet Marketing. And now some Jargon beginning with A …

Ad Tracking

Ad tracking is simply the process of tracking the response from your ads. Why? Because you need to know where your traffic is coming from and how it is converting. This is particularly important if you are paying for adverts ? you need to know which adverts are bringing you in business so you can keep them running whilst stopping the adverts that are not bringing in business.

How do you track your adverts? Well you could try and do it manually, but it is likely to be so time consuming that it will be a complete nightmare. The alternative is to use some ad tracking software. There are lots of scripts and utilities available for this. Using software will make it easier for you to determine which adverts are bringing you traffic and where to spend your advertising budget for maximum effect.


Affiliates is a big thing in Internet Marketing and it can be a bit difficult to understand it at first. There are really two terms here ? Affiliate Manager and Affiliate. An Affiliate Manager is someone who runs an Affiliate Program and recruits Affiliates ? you following me?

Everyone knows what McDonalds is ? a restaurant, no ethical or nutritional debates here ? it?s basically a big franchise. Mr McDonald sits in his ivory tower counting his money whilst Joe Bloggs runs a McDonalds restaurant.

Mr McDonald is the Affiliate Manager ? he owns the franchise and sells rights to other people (the Affiliates) to run a restaurant. In order for them to do this he gives them resources such as training, knowledge, equipment and so on.

As an affiliate, you can expect your affiliate manager to give you useful tools you can use to sell his product.


An autoresponder does exactly what it says on the tin ? it responds automatically! To what you may ask ? to email! This is how those crafty Internet Marketers fill up your inbox whilst sitting on the beach drinking cocktails!

An autoresponder allows you to set up a series of messages to be delivered to a recipient over a time period determined by you. It is a fantastic tool and one you should definitely invest in ? remember, you are in Internet Marketing to make money and to have more time ? an autoresponder will save you lots of time.

These are just a few of the many definitions and the useful links and information you will find in Lama Kalla?s Internet Marketing Jargon Buster. You can download your copy free from