Set Up Your Own Fully Functional Fixed-Term Membership Site in One Single Weekend

We previously covered the attractions of continuity or recurring income and the advantages, particularly for beginners, of fixed-term membership sites over traditional membership sites.

Let’s take a quick look at the potential earnings from a fixed-term membership site. It’s perfectly feasible to build up to 500 members, each paying you, say, $20 per month. That would translate to:

500 members x $20 per month = $10,000 monthly income

That’s potentially $10,000 in monthly income being generated from one site… from just 500 members.

Here are further illustrations…

100 members x $20 per month = $2,000 monthly income

300 members x $10 per month = $3,000 monthly income

1000 members x $20 per month = $20,000 monthly income

Please don’t get carried away by these figures. These are for illustration purposes only, although they highlight the potential that fixed-term membership sites offer.

As you can see, it doesn’t take many members, or high monthly membership fees, to make you an attractive income every month. And imagine what your bank account would look like if you had a couple of these sites working away generating profits such as these for you, month after month.

How To Set up a Fixed-Term Membership Site Over a Single Weekend

One of the main benefits of fixed-term membership sites is that they are much faster to set up than traditional membership sites. Here are the steps you need to follow:

1) Choose your market niche (2 hours)

2) Choose your delivery schedule, ie how frequently and over what period you will deliver information to your members (1/2 hour)

As a guide, if you have 12 to 30 ideas or points you wish to communicate, 3 months would probably be the right duration for your membership. If you have 30 to 50 ideas, consider 9 months and if you have over 50 ideas, consider a year.

3) Select your domain name and organise hosting (1 hour)

4) Determine your pricing (1/2 hour)

5) Set up an autoresponder account if you don’t already have one and write your initial welcome message and redierct page (1 hour)

6) Write your sales letter, or outsource someone to write the letter for you (6 hours)

7) Design your download page, from where your members will access the information you provide (1 hour)

8) Create your first instalment or lesson, which can again be oursourced if you don’t want to do this yourself (3 hours)

9) Set up a billing system to accept recurring online payments from members (1 hour)

10) Online marketing to promote your fixed-term membership site (3 hours)

That’s around 19 hours in total – which you can fit into a couple of longish days over a single weekend – to set up a fully-functioning fixed-term membership site that’s ready to generate income from a website you set up to provide valuable information to your members.

These steps are well within the capability of even newcomers to internet marketing. So don’t delay. Get thinking about the best subject you can use to start your first fixed-term membership site.