The Great & All Powerful Magnetic Sponsoring Review

There are secret ways to magnetize Internet leads, but you have to know where to get on your way. I am confident you have come across Mike Dillard’s 7-day bootcamp series. Have you glanced at a further Magnetic Sponsoring review that clearly did not deliver? Well, you are going to make your money’s worth with this one. I review the foremost book topics, the doctrine, and the tactics that Mike Dillard refers to. Time to tackle Mike Dillard’s views in this Magnetic Sponsoring review.

So, is it a book or a system? And the answer is… both. Mike Dillard wrote the book to fulfil as an introduction into the Magnetic Sponsoring system. We will review the book initially. Then we will tackle the system.

Let us set out with an overview scanning the 10 chapters of the book. They cover in sequence: 1) Psychology of Attraction 2) Insight on Personal development 3) Marketing

If you do not identify what attraction marketing is, or you are new to the notion, the Magnetic Sponsoring book will give you a pin-point account, targeting in on the relationship origins of leaders (Alphas) and followers (Betas). – the foundation for Attraction marketing principles.

Mike conveys attraction as a survival instinct and not a choice. On a basic level attractiveness creates symbiotic relationships. A leader has the worth of safety and guidance to the group in exchange for the group following the leader. hence the theory argues that as a leader amplifies his usefulness, more and more followers will search for him.
Suffice to say, if you desire to be a leader, you ought to continuously up your own merit and skill to others so that they will follow you.

Mike will claim that people do not join a business. Folks join YOU. They are exploring remedies to their tribulations, which turn out to be the same two across the board for nearly all network marketers: lack of leads and lack of cash flow before the oh-so-sought after residual revenue kicks in. Therefore, Mike trumpets that the network marketer ought to be promoting a “how to” marketing system to new distributors, and after that let the system promote the company products. Numerous network marketing businesses tutor their distributors differently, and many old-school marketers that have constructed their business with traditional ways will challenge this.

A further highlight of the Magnetic Sponsoring book is the chapter how to build a bona fide MLM franchise. We see how the three-part business model works with the 5 franchise factors to create leads and money for the network marketer. The franchise idea integrates the funded proposal idea and newsletter in order to breed regular cash flow and leadership branding. Simply speaking, a network marketer promotes a problem-solving system for others. It positions him as leader. And it earns cash flow.

Reading on it seems the book is chock full of priceless tips, from setting up email campaigns to producing money through affiliate programs. I have seen many marketers adopt it as their industry bible.

In the last chapter Mike calls the reader to participate and experience the system he has created surrounding the principles he talks about with membership automatically included in the purchase price of the book. Reviewing the Magnetic Sponsoring system will disclose physical evidence of his attraction marketing principles in effect. It is definitely worth taking a glance at, if not just to get a translucent sense of how a funded proposal works. But be forewarned. Participating in his Magnetic Sponsoring system will not develop your own leads list. All through the book, Mike alludes to building a record of followers, but never candidly says that you want to build YOUR OWN list. His system will build his list, not yours.

… But even so, the principles remain the same. And do not lose sleep. There are other systems that do build your own list. (Just look at the one I use).

So the question remains… Will the strategies in Magnetic Sponsoring work in your business? Well, let us just say that these attraction principles are practiced effectively in every business outside of the mlm industry. If you look at any leader within the mlm industry, you will see that they have used them extensively. Just look at the MLM empire Mike Dillard has created for himself. And a an increasing number of his students are doing the same. As written in the intro of the book, this “will ABSOLUTELY change your life IF you put it to use.”