24 Hour Hot Product Formula – Here Is Our Take

Chris Rempel has been on the Internet Marketing Scene for a few years now. He’s created a few different products and services and as of the last month or so has been releasing them all in all more frequently. The 24 Hour Hot Product Formula is not his newest product, but it does teach people how to get products of their own on the market and to earn some extra cash with them. Chris believes working hard as an affiliate is a backwards approach to marketing, even though he makes a ton of money doing it himself.

What I mean by this is that he claims he can get a product out within a day or so, and have an army of affiliates working hard for months promoting it. Its funny he mentions this because my take has always been that there is good income to be made on both sides of the fence. When you visit the 24 Hour Hot Product Formula website, one of the first things you will see is a 4 minute video he created which goes into detail regarding his theory on why product owners in general make a fortune while affiliates just scratch by.

As of the time of creating this video he said the last 2 1/2 years for him have been very good, but the first 1.5 years were lousy and is where he made all of his mistakes. He straight up mentions that hard work doesn’t pay, but smart working does. His first 2 years online was his wake call, marketing something really hard and only earning about $5000 for all his efforts during this time. In contract he took about 20 minutes to build a little affiliate site that ended up making him $18,000 as an affiliate just by doing something different.

The only thing he did different is he tapped into existing demand and easily reached a bunch of traffic. But what’s worked for Chris Rempel time and time again is finding out what works. Then when he found out what works all the time you can simply repeat this process over and over again, and you’ll start seeing fast results. He goes onto mention that as an Affiliate you are like a cog at a wheel. No matter how you shake it you are building someone elses business.

He goes onto mention in this video that as a product owner, you are in a position of leverage. He uses an analogy of a 50 pound weight pulling up a 400 pound weight based on the position of the lever, and that’s exactly how it is when you are a merchant selling a product with an affiliate program. This is the case because you exert a one-time effort and benefit from hundreds, if not thousands of people you leverage to promote your product for you and send you sales. Affiliates will build your business much faster than you ever could on your own.

Here’s one example of how powerful this leveraged concept is. Just in the month of December 2008, Chris Rempel made a ton of money that came into his account. He mentioned that this was from a 3 day effort releasing and rolling out a digital product. He said this product still makes sales each month.