Set Up Your Own Fully Functional Fixed-Term Membership Site in One Single Weekend

We previously covered the attractions of continuity or recurring income and the advantages, particularly for beginners, of fixed-term membership sites over traditional membership sites.

Let’s take a quick look at the potential earnings from a fixed-term membership site. It’s perfectly feasible to build up to 500 members, each paying you, say, $20 per month. That would translate to:

500 members x $20 per month = $10,000 monthly income

That’s potentially $10,000 in monthly income being generated from one site… from just 500 members.

Here are further illustrations…

100 members x $20 per month = $2,000 monthly income

300 members x $10 per month = $3,000 monthly income

1000 members x $20 per month = $20,000 monthly income

Please don’t get carried away by these figures. These are for illustration purposes only, although they highlight the potential that fixed-term membership sites offer.

As you can see, it doesn’t take many members, or high monthly membership fees, to make you an attractive income every month. And imagine what your bank account would look like if you had a couple of these sites working away generating profits such as these for you, month after month.

How To Set up a Fixed-Term Membership Site Over a Single Weekend

One of the main benefits of fixed-term membership sites is that they are much faster to set up than traditional membership sites. Here are the steps you need to follow:

1) Choose your market niche (2 hours)

2) Choose your delivery schedule, ie how frequently and over what period you will deliver information to your members (1/2 hour)

As a guide, if you have 12 to 30 ideas or points you wish to communicate, 3 months would probably be the right duration for your membership. If you have 30 to 50 ideas, consider 9 months and if you have over 50 ideas, consider a year.

3) Select your domain name and organise hosting (1 hour)

4) Determine your pricing (1/2 hour)

5) Set up an autoresponder account if you don’t already have one and write your initial welcome message and redierct page (1 hour)

6) Write your sales letter, or outsource someone to write the letter for you (6 hours)

7) Design your download page, from where your members will access the information you provide (1 hour)

8) Create your first instalment or lesson, which can again be oursourced if you don’t want to do this yourself (3 hours)

9) Set up a billing system to accept recurring online payments from members (1 hour)

10) Online marketing to promote your fixed-term membership site (3 hours)

That’s around 19 hours in total – which you can fit into a couple of longish days over a single weekend – to set up a fully-functioning fixed-term membership site that’s ready to generate income from a website you set up to provide valuable information to your members.

These steps are well within the capability of even newcomers to internet marketing. So don’t delay. Get thinking about the best subject you can use to start your first fixed-term membership site.

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Facebook Fan Pages – Your Online Presence

Since the launch of first social media site there is a great boom in the usage of social media site, daily thousand of users are signing on different social media sites, continually expanding of social media changes the rules of internet marketing & it also provide a platform to connect with people, socialize & share your experiences. Facebook is one of the well known & most popular social media among people with almost 400 millions user connect with it; that make facebook a most popular website for marketers by creating a platform, which marketers can use it as a tool, for marketing their products or brand & establish their web presence easily.

Facebook is giving many features which make him more superior from it competitors. Facebook Fan Page is one of a feature which internet marketers prefer most because it creates their online presence & provides a great way of interaction to their target customer pagecan be term as a one page website where you can easily share videos, pictures, create events, start discussion posts, send simultaneous messages to all, run social ads and even view your page statistics. Now a day marketing strategist says that Fan Pages is vital for any organization that wants to enhance their online presence. Fan page is good for companies:

? Target their market
? Promote your company
? Expand your social network
? Interact with your clients and customers
? Polls to define and understand your audience
? Discussion to remove gap about your product or brand
? Inform and invite relevant users to functions/events

Facebook fan pages are accessible for those audience or users which are unregistered to facebook so that mean fan pages are viewable to all which support my sentence that fan pages are one page website. This is very good for marketers who want to promote their company or want to manage the reputation of their brands & product. Fan page is a tool which can include important information, without creating your website & give your company an online presence which increase the online visibility, web presence & assurbility to consumer that your company willing to provide a better service to them. At last just say that facebook fan page is an essential ingredient for your social marketing recipe. If your company does not have a facebook fan page, you are surely missing this trick & 1Social Media is an application development company which provides you all the assistance in Facebook Fan page development.

The Great & All Powerful Magnetic Sponsoring Review

There are secret ways to magnetize Internet leads, but you have to know where to get on your way. I am confident you have come across Mike Dillard’s 7-day bootcamp series. Have you glanced at a further Magnetic Sponsoring review that clearly did not deliver? Well, you are going to make your money’s worth with this one. I review the foremost book topics, the doctrine, and the tactics that Mike Dillard refers to. Time to tackle Mike Dillard’s views in this Magnetic Sponsoring review.

So, is it a book or a system? And the answer is… both. Mike Dillard wrote the book to fulfil as an introduction into the Magnetic Sponsoring system. We will review the book initially. Then we will tackle the system.

Let us set out with an overview scanning the 10 chapters of the book. They cover in sequence: 1) Psychology of Attraction 2) Insight on Personal development 3) Marketing

If you do not identify what attraction marketing is, or you are new to the notion, the Magnetic Sponsoring book will give you a pin-point account, targeting in on the relationship origins of leaders (Alphas) and followers (Betas). – the foundation for Attraction marketing principles.

Mike conveys attraction as a survival instinct and not a choice. On a basic level attractiveness creates symbiotic relationships. A leader has the worth of safety and guidance to the group in exchange for the group following the leader. hence the theory argues that as a leader amplifies his usefulness, more and more followers will search for him.
Suffice to say, if you desire to be a leader, you ought to continuously up your own merit and skill to others so that they will follow you.

Mike will claim that people do not join a business. Folks join YOU. They are exploring remedies to their tribulations, which turn out to be the same two across the board for nearly all network marketers: lack of leads and lack of cash flow before the oh-so-sought after residual revenue kicks in. Therefore, Mike trumpets that the network marketer ought to be promoting a “how to” marketing system to new distributors, and after that let the system promote the company products. Numerous network marketing businesses tutor their distributors differently, and many old-school marketers that have constructed their business with traditional ways will challenge this.

A further highlight of the Magnetic Sponsoring book is the chapter how to build a bona fide MLM franchise. We see how the three-part business model works with the 5 franchise factors to create leads and money for the network marketer. The franchise idea integrates the funded proposal idea and newsletter in order to breed regular cash flow and leadership branding. Simply speaking, a network marketer promotes a problem-solving system for others. It positions him as leader. And it earns cash flow.

Reading on it seems the book is chock full of priceless tips, from setting up email campaigns to producing money through affiliate programs. I have seen many marketers adopt it as their industry bible.

In the last chapter Mike calls the reader to participate and experience the system he has created surrounding the principles he talks about with membership automatically included in the purchase price of the book. Reviewing the Magnetic Sponsoring system will disclose physical evidence of his attraction marketing principles in effect. It is definitely worth taking a glance at, if not just to get a translucent sense of how a funded proposal works. But be forewarned. Participating in his Magnetic Sponsoring system will not develop your own leads list. All through the book, Mike alludes to building a record of followers, but never candidly says that you want to build YOUR OWN list. His system will build his list, not yours.

… But even so, the principles remain the same. And do not lose sleep. There are other systems that do build your own list. (Just look at the one I use).

So the question remains… Will the strategies in Magnetic Sponsoring work in your business? Well, let us just say that these attraction principles are practiced effectively in every business outside of the mlm industry. If you look at any leader within the mlm industry, you will see that they have used them extensively. Just look at the MLM empire Mike Dillard has created for himself. And a an increasing number of his students are doing the same. As written in the intro of the book, this “will ABSOLUTELY change your life IF you put it to use.”

Website Marketing: Attract More Clients From A Wake-em-up Special Offer

You?re a service business, such as a coach, accountant, consultant, speech coach, office organizer or virtual assistant.

A prospective client lands on your website. ?Nice site,? she says, nodding approvingly. ?Great logo.?

So she looks for a Call to Action: “Click here and get a Free Report.”

And you offer one. 101 things a coach [accountant, consultant, speech coach, office organizer or virtual assistant] can do for you.


At that point, your prospect decides to leave. Unless she?s been living on another planet, she has some idea of what you do (or thinks she does).

If you?re an accountant, she won?t be astounded to discover you?ll prepare her taxes. If you?re a virtual assistant, she?ll expect you to help with mailing lists and phone calls.

And she?s been to 43 other websites. She?s already seen the same list. Her eyes start to glaze over. She decides it?s time to take a break and watch the latest replay of The Sopranos.

At least that?s what I would do.

How can you prevent the bleary-eyed visitor blues?

(1) Create a problem-solving Call for Action ? before you design the rest of your web site. ?How-to? titles work best because you demonstrate that you understand the problem and showcase your unique approach.

A Virtual Assistant: ?How to delegate the 10 most critical tasks that keep your business alive and profitable.?

A speech coach: ?Five techniques that tell your audience you’re a professional speaker”

An office organizer: ?It?s 9 AM ? do you know where your Top Priority is??

(2) Make it easier for prospects to figure out why you?re different from the competition on the other 43 websites your prospect just visited.

A hairstylist: ?Curly hair is my specialty (and we’re never late with appointments).”

A virtual assistant: “I can program the Internet’s top shopping cart system to save you 5 hours each month.”

A speech coach: “Five clients I coached last year are now listed with speaker bureaus.”

(3) Identify benefits your prospect may not have anticipated.

For instance, prospective clients may not realize that some office organizers can help them choose furniture to make their lives easier. Others employ feng shui principles.

Bottom Line: Visitors who see a big grab-bag list of offers will tune out if they recognize the first few. ?Ho hum. I know that.?

Instead, find ways to showcase yourself and your expertise –professionally. Your visitors will thank you.

24 Hour Hot Product Formula – Here Is Our Take

Chris Rempel has been on the Internet Marketing Scene for a few years now. He’s created a few different products and services and as of the last month or so has been releasing them all in all more frequently. The 24 Hour Hot Product Formula is not his newest product, but it does teach people how to get products of their own on the market and to earn some extra cash with them. Chris believes working hard as an affiliate is a backwards approach to marketing, even though he makes a ton of money doing it himself.

What I mean by this is that he claims he can get a product out within a day or so, and have an army of affiliates working hard for months promoting it. Its funny he mentions this because my take has always been that there is good income to be made on both sides of the fence. When you visit the 24 Hour Hot Product Formula website, one of the first things you will see is a 4 minute video he created which goes into detail regarding his theory on why product owners in general make a fortune while affiliates just scratch by.

As of the time of creating this video he said the last 2 1/2 years for him have been very good, but the first 1.5 years were lousy and is where he made all of his mistakes. He straight up mentions that hard work doesn’t pay, but smart working does. His first 2 years online was his wake call, marketing something really hard and only earning about $5000 for all his efforts during this time. In contract he took about 20 minutes to build a little affiliate site that ended up making him $18,000 as an affiliate just by doing something different.

The only thing he did different is he tapped into existing demand and easily reached a bunch of traffic. But what’s worked for Chris Rempel time and time again is finding out what works. Then when he found out what works all the time you can simply repeat this process over and over again, and you’ll start seeing fast results. He goes onto mention that as an Affiliate you are like a cog at a wheel. No matter how you shake it you are building someone elses business.

He goes onto mention in this video that as a product owner, you are in a position of leverage. He uses an analogy of a 50 pound weight pulling up a 400 pound weight based on the position of the lever, and that’s exactly how it is when you are a merchant selling a product with an affiliate program. This is the case because you exert a one-time effort and benefit from hundreds, if not thousands of people you leverage to promote your product for you and send you sales. Affiliates will build your business much faster than you ever could on your own.

Here’s one example of how powerful this leveraged concept is. Just in the month of December 2008, Chris Rempel made a ton of money that came into his account. He mentioned that this was from a 3 day effort releasing and rolling out a digital product. He said this product still makes sales each month.

How To Understand The Difference Between Features & Benefits In Internet Marketing

Becoming an internet marketing genius or guru involves understanding how the features of a product or service differ from the benefits of a product or service. As an Internet Marketing Consultant & Trainer I’ve found it helpful to use a simple example used by other advertising teachers to give clarity about this subject.

Most of my clients & students “get it” when this example is used.

Advertising teachers like to use the example of a No. 2 pencil to illustrate this important principle.

A pencil has certain features:

=> It is made of wood.

=> It has a specific diameter.

=> It contains a lead-composite filler of a certain type.

=> It usually has an eraser at the end.

These features describe the objective qualities of the pencil. So if buying were a rational process, selling would be a matter of identifying the features of your product in online marketing.

But we already know from one of my earlier articles that buying is an emotional process.

And that means you must express the features of your product in some way that will stimulate desire. You do that by converting features into benefits.

For example, the features listed above might be converted into the following benefits:

=> Easy to sharpen.

=> Comfortable to hold.

=> Creates an impressive line.

=> Makes correcting easy.

Of course, this is only the tip of the beneficial iceberg. I’ve conducted workshops & trainings on features and benefits using a No. 2 pencil that have resulted in the identification of more than 200 benefits.
Mastering the skill of converting features to benefits is essential for every future internet marketing genius.

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How To Get More Clients From Online Discussion Lists And Forums

Copyright 2006 Donna Gunter

If you dislike face-to-face networking as much as I do, perhaps networking online might be more your style. I’m still trying out some online networks like Ryze and Open BC, so the jury is still out on those. What’s bringing me the most success at the moment is online discussion lists and forums.

The discussion list, also called a LISTSERV, comes in the form of an email broadcast to which you subscribe. You can elect to receive each message as it’s posted, or receive a daily or weekly digest of all messages posted to the list. To keep myself sane, I typically subscribe to the daily digest version to reduce the volume of emails I get every day. This is my favorite, as I love the immediacy of email, rather than having to take a few additional steps to participate in a forum. Unfortunately, with the ever-increasing problems of email delivery, I have seen the use of this tool decline over the last few years. Many of the discussion lists to which I belong have been replaced by online discussion forums.

The discussion forum is typically hosted on a web site, and it might also be referred to as an online bulletin board or message board. The messages and replies are referred to as “threads”, and all posts are maintained on the forum so that you can go in read the threads at any time. Some forums offer you the option of being notified when there are any new posts to the forum, or you can select to be notified only if there are posts to topics of interest to you or just to questions or replies you have posted in the forum. I prefer the forums in which I can see a short description of the original post and short descriptions of the replies so I can quickly determine which threads I want to open and read and perhaps respond.

How do you find discussion lists? Scott Stratten maintains a great list of good business-oriented discussion forums at Many professional associations run their own discussion lists and forums, which is helpful if you’re coaching or consulting with others in your own industry.. And, there’s always Yahoo and Google groups, , and another comprehensive list at ,

Here’s what you need to consider to make the most of your online networking and ultimately get more clients online:

1. Lurk on the list for 3-4 days before you post anything. You’ll want to ensure that the list is active (with daily posts) and that your target market is represented before investing a great deal of time and effort into the list. Read prior posts and determine the posting protocols, what kind of information is shared, as well as “who’s who” on the list. I’ve joined a number of lists and discovered that they weren’t as active as I require and so left and found more active lists. In this “lurking” period, you’ll also want to get a sense of the tone of the list — are their posts on-topic and relevant, or are there a lot of self-promotional advertising emails and off-topic posts or “flaming” (derogatory remarks) among the members?

2. Review the rules of the list. The best lists and forums are moderated, which means that there is a real person who volunteers to ensure that the posting rules are followed. Before you post, be sure you read the list or forum rules, which will give you guidelines about how to post or reply to a question and whether or not you can send any promotional emails to the list. Effective list moderators ensure that spammers don’t slip onto the list with spam comments, keep the discussion on-topic and relevant to the purpose of the list, gently remind posting violators of the rules, and ultimately ban repeat offenders from a forum or list.

3. Prepare an effective email signature. Typically lists or forums will permit you to include an email signature as part of your post. There may be a rule about what can be included in the content of your signature or a limit on the number of lines that a signature can contain, so be sure and review the list rules as your craft your email signature. Since most lists prohibit blatant commercial postings, your email signature will serve as your advertisement every time you post to the list. The most effective email signatures have a call to action, typically for a free offer, that a visitor can get by visiting a web site. My email signature contains an offer for a free online marketing toolkit that visitors to my site receive when they subscribe to my email newsletter.

4. Practice good list etiquette. Good list etiquette includes following the posted list and forum rules and being considerate of members. One annoying thing that list newbies will do is include the entire body of the message to which they are responding in their actual response message to a post. If you’re on a discussion list, scanning through a bunch of info that wasn’t deleted from prior posts makes the list reading process very tedious. In your reply to a post, delete all but the relevant sentence or portion of a sentence that is most applicable to your reply, and post your reply under that original text so that the reader who has elected to receive individuals posts can easily follow the conversation thread. Just as in face-to-face networking, you want to be courteous and professional to all of your new virtual contacts.

A second major list and forum faux paus is to send a personal response to the list, instead of to the individual for whom it’s intended. If someone has asked for replies to be sent “off-list”, or if you have a question or comment that doesn’t relate to the overall topic and focus of the list or forum, send the information to the person directly, instead of via the discussion list.

5. Integrity of your posting is important. I’ve been on lists in which a list member has posted a question, followed by an immediate reply from someone else on the list whose service or product perfectly matches the initial request. I’ll then receive an email from the moderator reporting that both of these people have been banned from the list. Why? Because the poster and responder were the same person. This most often happens on lists where commercial posts are prohibited, so someone will create two identities on the list. The person uses one identity to ask the question on the list, and then log in or respond from the second identity, who can post a self-promotional email to the list, within the rules of the list, because it’s a response to a direct request from another member. Don’t get caught being duplicitous — the Internet world is much smaller than you might think, and word travels quickly here.

6. Become the expert on the list. The best way to become a major player in a discussion list or forum is to actively add to the discussion. I don’t mean to simply send a post that says, “Yes, I agree” and that’s it. If you have an answer to a question or a point of view that will contribute to the knowledge being shared, that’s the time to post to the list or forum. By freely sharing your knowledge, information, and expertise with the group, they will come to like, know and respect you, which is the path that needs to be followed before someone will decide to buy what you offer. Remember, the best way to get what you want is to help others get what they want — practice giver’s gain in your online networking. Every contact could be a potential client or customer.

Becoming a regular participant in just a few relevant online discussion lists or forums can be a very effective way to get more clients online. Follow the list/forum rules, share what you know, have a great offer in your email signature, and watch the new visitors come to your web site, subscribe to your blog or email newsletter, and ultimately become new clients.

Building An Internet Empire From Nothing.

Copyright 2006 llbglobal

Is it possible to build an Internet business from nothing? That?s sort of a loaded question if you ask me. The real question is, are you willing to do what it takes to build an Internet business? There are a lot of people who seem to believe that starting an Internet business is easy and cheap. The problem with this kind of thinking is that it?s simply not true.

To start a successful Internet business you need to understand that the same rules of business apply as in a regular brick and mortar store. Starting an Internet business can be even more difficult because you have the added problems of generating traffic to your website. This is not an easy thing to do. Finding ways to generate traffic is an art of it?s own.

There are a million scam services, safelists, lead buying, and many others. So where do you get good traffic? I?ve found that there really isn?t one way to generate traffic. It?s not a good business practice to put all of your eggs in one basket either. Think about traditional businesses for a moment. Most businesses use several advertising campaigns. From print ads to radio to TV, there are many ways that a normal business will advertise.

It?s your job as a marketer to come up with cleaver advertising campaigns. You need to think outside the box. Not every online user has their credit card out and ready to buy. The idea is really to create some good value for people. Think about when you are shopping online, you want the most for your money. Look at ebay for instance, the auction service is so popular because people want value. You can apply these same tactics and get some good responses from customers. Giving value is the easiest way to get people to buy your products or services.

The other thing I have noticed is that people who wish to start an Internet business really don?t understand that you may be required to ware many different hats. You have to learn to become a web designer, writer, marketer, and about 5 other jobs to create a successful Internet business. None of these things happen overnight either. It requires a lot of dedication and skill. But more importantly you must acquire the Know-how. Education is useless if you don?t know how to apply it.

So to answer the question of building an Internet empire from nothing, yes it can be done but it takes a serious amount of education, know-how, and dedication. So now ask yourself, do you have what it takes to build an Internet empire?

Why Joint Venture Partners Don’t Promote Your Product

You spend months creating a product, designing a website, and having copy written and tested. You spend countless hours schmoozing joint venture partners. Then your launch day comes, you “push the button” and…

The silence from lack of orders is deafening.

What went wrong?

Where are all those customers that you knew your 300 joint venture partners would send you?

Chances are, 95% of those joint ventures partners didn’t promote, or didn’t promote to the extent that you anticipated.

Let’s look briefly at why the sad sequence of events described above happens all too often. Here are four common reasons:

1) Your JV Partners Promised To Promote Too Many Products

If you are approaching all of the biggest players in your niche, and if there are a lot of product launches happening in your niche, your JV partners may have simply over-promised.

It’s not uncommon for may super-affiliates to be approached with joint venture offers dozens of times per week. Some are so bombarded with repeated request from the same people that they often find it easier to give a “tentative yes.”

The problem is that if it’s your launch, you may not know that it’s a tentative yes.

The way to avoid this problem is to ask for a definite commitment. Just be frank and ask your joint venture partners “if you can depend upon them?”

Another way to avoid this problem is to seek joint venture partners that aren’t bombarded with constant joint venture requests. There are many times more less-visible potential joint venture partners who have very responsive lists, than there are overwhelmed “super affiliates.”

A good place to have some of these potential joint venture partners actually FIND YOU is The International Association of Joint Venture Brokers. Just get your projects and launches into their database, and JV partners in your niche will find you!

2) Your Sign-up Process Is Too Convoluted

It’s unbelievable how complex many people make the process of just registering as a joint venture partner and getting an affiliate link.

Don’t make your potential joint venture partners register at three different places JUST so that they can help you with your launch. If you do… they’ll say yes initially, but drop out when they see how many hurdles they have to jump.

3) You Don’t Provide The Right Tools

Most successful affiliate marketers have favorite tools that they prefer using. For some it’s videos, for others it’s rebrandable ebooks, for others it’s articles that they can change the urls in, and for others it’s pay-per-clicks.

You absolutely must provide the tools that your affiliates prefer using. Don’t expect them to change how they market to conform to your launch plans. They usually know from experience what works best with their customers.

You also need to provide some tools that allow a “soft sell” rather than high pressure tactics. Some affiliates will not use high pressure tactics on their subscribers. For affiliates like that, tools such as rebrandable ebooks (that actually teach something) which sell your product as a solution to problems mentioned in the ebook, work MUCH better. Use rebrander software such as Viral Document Toolkit to allow your affiliate to rebrand links, and even text in these ebooks.

4) Your Timing Is Incredibly Poor

If you are in a niche where there are hundreds of new product launches each month, such as Internet marketing, then your timing is critical!

If your launch coincides with another MAJOR big ticket launch, your launch may simply be drowned out by all of the “noise” made by those promoting the other product. Your list members may be bombarded by some much email for the other product that they don’t even SEE yours.

To avoid this, you need to consult launch calendars, such as the one available through The International Association of Joint Venture Brokers. Savvy product owners make sure that THEIR product launches, events, and even free giveaways are in this database.

Those planning product launches who don’t want BIG disappointments consult this database to see what else is planned for the days, or weeks that they plan to do their launch.

Consulting a database such as one provided by IAJVB also uncovers another opportunity. When you see other launches in your niche, you are also looking at events where you can piggy-back or dove-tail your launches.

Instead of competing head-to-head with product launches in your niche, why not contact some of the other product owners and propose working together. Use their product as a backend to your product and ask them to do the same. Maybe ask them to offer your product to their exit traffic that doesn’t convert.

There are dozens of ways that you can work WITH others in your niche when you know what they have planned, and you’ll get much better results.

Another major thing that you’ll accomplish is that you’ll get more affiliate who actually promote your product. That’s because you won’t be forcing affiliates to choose between competing launches… instead you can coordinate for them to promote both launches… sometimes even with one email 🙂

You put far too much blood, sweat, and tears into your product launch to allow it to hit a brick wall. Go back and read the common reason that joint venture partners DON’T promote launches… even after they’ve indicated that they will. Eliminate as many of those reasons from your product launch sequence as possible.

Doing a successful product launch with dozens, or even hundreds, of joint venture partners is not rocket science. However, like any “science” it does involve careful observation of what is actually happening, and responding appropriately. Now you know how to respond to the reasons joint venture partners often don’t promote.

What Is Website Free Internet Marketing

Have you ever thought it would be nice to make money on the internet, but you do not have a website? In this article were going to talk about website free Internet marketing and how you can make money without having one of your own.

The quickest way to make money without a website of your own is to become an affiliate marketer. Being affiliate just means that you are going to sell other people’s products and get paid for your efforts. You can do this by using the website that the affiliate merchant provides to you for free.

So now we see that you do not have a website of your own but are using someone else’s how you make money? The way you do that is by driving traffic to your affiliate website and letting the site convert some of that into a commission for yourself.

One way that is very effective is to do e-mail marketing. In this instance what you would do is get an auto responder with a quality company such as Aweber or GetResponse. You would fill it with a series of follow-up messages that include your affiliate link to the website given to you.

Then what you would do is buy opt in subscribers from various lead companies. You let the lead company fill your autoresponder and then let the messages do the selling for you. This is a very hands-off approach because you do not have to build your own website, you do not have to follow up with anyone personally, and whenever a sale is made you earn a commission.

One real benefit to this method is you are building a list of your own that you can follow up with to sell other products. Many times back in sales are excellent ways to make money as an Internet marketer. Although you are following up with your customer initially for one affiliate product, you can always come back and offer them another and make more money.

One of the things you want to do is market your affiliate website in various other forms. These can include off-line promotions such as flyers, or classified ads in newspapers. They can also include online promotions such as article marketing, forum marketing, online classified ads, e-zine advertising, banner advertising, and so on.

The important thing in website free Internet marketing is that you put your emphasis on promotion and traffic. Although you are not building a website of your own you are still promoting an affiliate marketer website, or your auto responder address, so many of the same Internet marketing rules will still apply.